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The Importance of Picking A Coach You Can Trust

Welcome back to the Essential Mind and Body(R) center blog. We appreciate our readers.

We frequently get asked about life coaching and how to pick the right coach. Especially since there are so many of them out there these days!

Coaches–just like doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects–each have their own style, strengths, tools and approaches. Some provide a little more suggestion, recommendation and direction. While others let you be more in the driver’s seat. Some are more linear in there approach, and some are more comfortable with letting the sessions develop more organically. Some are very structured and some are more free flowing. There is quite a range.

Similarly, some coaches have a lot of corporate and/or personal experience to compliment the coaching experience, and some don’t. Some come from academia. Some have certifications. Some just like helping people.

What I find most important when selecting a coach is finding someone that you connect with, can trust and has the tools to help you get to where you want to be. That is going to be very personal to you in some ways, just like picking a doctor would be. The best thing for you to do is meet with a coach, learn more about her or his background, style and approach and determine whether that resonates with your personal style and what you want to achieve. And remember, just like there are different kinds of doctors and lawyers, there are different kinds of coaches. If you want to focus on designing a lifestyle that allows you to spend just as much time with your family as you do in your office, perhaps someone who specializes in weight-loss coaching isn’t the best choice at this stage.

At the Essential Mind and Body coaching program, we specialize in lifestyle design – creating a life you are excited about and fulfills you emotionally and physically. Learn more about our program on our website or, better yet, contact us for an appointment. There has never been a better time to create your very best life.

Yours in good health,

Dr. Robert Koch

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