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Whole Food Supplements

Vitamins and Supplements – Quality from Seed to Supplement 
“I grew tired of trying to research which supplements and what dosages were right for me - talk about information overload.  Dr. Koch gave me a simple plan and quality supplements. My energy and digestive issues quickly went away.” – Carleen

Good nutrition is key for a healthy mind and body. The risk of chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and osteoporosis can be reduced with healthy diets. And, equally, as important, good diet and nutrition habits can lead to improvements in overall health and energy levels. Our healthcare professionals will work with you to understand the unique needs of your body and develop a customized plan to help you achieve your lifestyle and health goals.

Essential Mind and Body has chosen two Whole Food Supplements – Juice Plus+ ® and Standard Process Fundamentals®.  


Essential Mind and Body patients come to see us for many reasons- stress, fatigue, digestion problems, bone support among other various health conditions and ailments. Treating patient’s complaints and symptoms physically is one component of treating the root cause; the other is making sure the body has the nutrients it needs.  Optimal nutrients are a critical component in achieving mind/body health and not all supplements are created equal.  Especially when it comes to quality.  That is why we only offer Juice Plus and Standard Process Fundamentals as our supplements.


Click to discover the proven nutritional value of Juice Plus+®


The large and growing body of Juice Plus+ clinical research is leading more and more doctors and other health professionals to recommend Juice Plus+ including Dr. Robert Koch of Essential Mind and Body.


Juice Plus+ provides whole food nutrition from 17 different fruits, vegetables, and grains in convenient and inexpensive capsule form. Juice Plus+ Orchard Blend contains seven of the most nutritious fruits around apples, oranges, pineapple, cranberries, peaches, acerola cherries, and papaya. Juice Plus+ Garden Blend contains ten nutrient-dense vegetables and grains: carrots, parsley, beets, kale, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, rice bran, and oat bran.


Taking Juice Plus+ capsules every day provides the nutritional foundation we so desperately need – and that is so lacking in our diets today. It’s a simple, smart solution you can really count on – because it’s backed by clinical research.


The latest clinical research shows that people can improve their chances of living longer, healthier lives by eating more fruits and vegetables. So it’s good to know that Juice Plus+ provides nutrition from 17 different fruits, vegetables, and grains in convenient and inexpensive capsule form. Learn more about the clinically proven benefits of Juice Plus+.


Supported by clinical research

More than 20 studies, published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, by leading researchers around the world, show that Juice Plus+:

  • Delivers key antioxidants and other phytonutrients that are absorbed by the body.

  • Reduces oxidative stress.

  • Reduces key biomarkers of systemic inflammation.

  • Supports a healthy immune system.

  • Helps protect DNA.

  • Supports cardiovascular wellness.

  • Supports healthy skin.

  • Supports healthy gums.


Schedule some time with Dr. Koch to learn more about Juice Plus+ and what it can do for your health.  407-423-1616.

Standard Process Fundamentals – Whole Food Supplements since 1929


Standard Process offers more than 160 whole food supplements. These products are easy to implement into any nutritional program, and many may become the foundation of your optimal nutrition protocol. Standard Process organically farms 420 acres of rich Wisconsin soil to provide high-quality raw materials used in our supplements. The Standard Process fundamental 22 products are featured at Essential Mind and Body.


Ask Dr. Robert Koch to recommend which supplements are right for you. Call Today 407-423-1616.

Joint Support


The following supplements contain nutrients that provide acute ligament and muscle support.  Helps to maintain healthy joint function and internal function support:


Glucosamine Synergy
Boswellia Complex


  • Supports the body’s normal connective tissue repair and synthesis processes

  • Supports healthy joints and muscles

  • Supports bone growth and the synthesis of cartilage

  • Contains buckwheat, which supports the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response

  • Contains a combination of key ingredients from Manganese B12, Cataplex E, Ostrophin PMG, and Cataplex A-C-P†

  • Maintains healthy connective tissue

  • Supports the body’s normal connective-tissue repair process

  • Supports joint health

  • Contains many of the same ingredients as Ligaplex II, with the added benefit of glucosamine and boswellia for relieving discomfort in the affected areas†


Immune System Health 


The following supplements are used for long and short-term support of the immune system.


Echinacea Premium


  • support the normal function of the kidneys to clear acidic waste products effectively

  • maintain and support healthy joints

  • promote the body’s normal resistance function

  • support healthy circulation

  • support a healthy response to environmental stresses

  • provide antioxidant protection




This supplement supports overall well being supplying multiple vitamins and minerals for complete, complex nutritional supplementation




  • Designed to bridge nutritional gaps in the diet

  • Encourages healthy cell functioning




ProSynbiotic is a synergistic blend of four research-supported probiotic strains and two prebiotic fibers to support gut flora and overall intestinal health.




  • Contains research-supported strains of lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria), and Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. boulardii

  • Contains inulin, a nondigestible, soluble fiber from chicory root and galactooligosaccharide (GOS), a nondigestible carbohydrate, both of which are used by probiotic bacteria as food

  • Useful in maintaining a healthy gut microbial environment

  • Contributes to absorption of calcium and magnesium

  • Improves nutrient digestion/absorption

  • Supports normal bowel regularity and consistency

  • Supports the body’s natural immune response†


Vitamin Complexes


The following supplements support physical and nervous system health.


Cataplex B
Cataplex C
Cataplex E


  • Supports healthy heart electrical conductivity

  • Stimulatory to the metabolic, cardiovascular, and central/peripheral nervous systems

  • Supports energy production in all cells

  • Supports healthy cholesterol levels already within a normal range

  • Contains B-complex vitamins to support healthy muscle action

  • Supports healthy homocysteine levels†


Adrenal Support


  • Drenamin




  • Calcium Lactate




  • Zypan

  • Enzycore


Essential Fatty Acids


  • Tuna Omega-3 Oil

  • Black Currant Seed Oil


To learn more about whole food supplements and how you can achieve a whole and balanced life, talk to Dr. Koch today.

The Essential Mind and Body Promise

Our patients come to us for a variety of health concerns, and we are well-known for our particular expertise with pain, sleep/energy issues, women’s health/reproductive issues, and general wellness without pharmaceuticals or invasive procedures.  Our patients stay with us because they get personalized attention that gets results.  Here is what you can expect when you come to Essential Mind and Body:

Each course of treatment is personalized to your individual needs, and many of our patients feel better in just a handful of sessions – depending on the ailment.  We promise that we will be upfront with our recommendations for treatment, only treat what we feel is reasonably necessary, and provide complete transparency when it comes to your commitment of time and money.

Experience the difference of health care designed around you.  Call today for your appointment or contact us and we will get right back to you.  Serving Orlando, Delaney Park, SoDo, Conway and the surrounding areas with chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, nutrition, supplements, life coaching and corporate wellness.  Serving Orlando, Delaney Park, SoDo, Conway and the surrounding areas with chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, nutrition, supplements, life coaching and corporate wellness.

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