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Wishing you a transformative 2013

Essential Mind and Body is kicking off 2013 with a great start. Dr. Faith Holt, Acupuncture Physician has joined our team so we can provide our patients with Acupuncture services and Chinese Medicine. Dr. Holt has years of experience treating patients with many kinds of symptoms including back, neck and shoulder pain, headaches (including migraine headaches), fibromyalgia, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, fertility and menstrual issues and stroke rehabilitation. Acupuncture can also be very effective with smoking cessation, stress management and general health maintenance. We are delighted to have Dr. Holt on the team and she starts with us on January 14.

Acupuncture is an ancient way of healing practiced for thousands of years by millions of people around the world. Acupuncture stimulates your body’s immune response by promoting blood circulation and the flow of energy to nourish all of the cells in the body. Acupuncture can promote healing, reduce pain and enhance overall health.

We have been getting a lot of interest and questions about why we provide the particular services we do – chiropractic, massage, acupuncture,nutrition, mental health and life coaching. Our answer is that this combination of services allows for the treatment of the foundational and key systems in the body needed for optimal health.

We treat the skeletal system with chiropractic to ensure the structural body is in alignment and the body can move and function properly. This is complemented with massage which uses the power of healing touch to ensure the muscular systems are healthy and blood is flowing. Acupuncture ensures that the energy channels are open and that energy is moving through the body and nutrition is used to feed, nourish and heal the body and key systems like your endocrine system, nervous system, elimination system and cardiovascular system.

Care for your mind is as important as care for your body. We provide professional mental health services to treat conditions including stress and depression, and we also provide life coaching services to help you identify, set and reach your personal goals.

While each of these services can be effective on its own, in combination, the health results can be astounding. Look better, feel great and enjoy life to its fullest knowing that you are taking the best care you can of yourself and those you care about. We have NEW YEAR | NEW YOU packagesthat make care affordable for everyone, and we can create custom programs designed to meet your specific care needs. Start the new year the right way – call today for an appointment.

Yours in good health,

Dr. Robert Koch

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