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Choose Health

Each day we have multiple opportunities to make healthy choices. We can choose a healthy meal over a less healthy meal. We can choose to take our vitamins or not. We can choose to exercise, or skip it. We can choose time with family and friends. And we can choose to be pro-active about the care we take of our bodies and mind. Making healthy choices contributes to your happiness and your overall quality of life. Celebrate your choices and we are here to help you make some good ones.

Here are Essential Mind and Body’s top 3 recommendations for making healthy choices every day:

1. Think ahead when it comes to meal choices and don’t let yourself get too hungry before you eat. This will help you make the healthier choices when it comes to feeding your body.

2. The weather is (finally) cooling off. Start walking, bike riding, running or participating in another outdoor activity 3-4 times per week to get your body moving and enjoy this terrific time of year.

3. Make contact with someone you care about every day – even if it’s just a text to tell them they are on your mind.

And, of course, maintain your good health with regular chiropractic, massage, acupuncture and nutrition. Make healthy choices to live a healthy life.

Choose health,

Dr. Robert Koch

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