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Kiddos and Chiro at EMB

Happy Springtime, Everyone.

We treat many families at EMB – it’s one of the best parts of our practice. As part of this practice, we treat a lot of kids from newborn through high school graduation. Here’s why – spinal health can make a critical difference in brain development, posture, balance and immune system. And that’s just a few of the many benefits.

We make sure our adjustments are gentle and targeted – designed for maximum benefits to growing bodies and minds. Some of the results we see regularly include:

1. Improved balance, less injury-related falls

2. Successful treatment of ear infections, colds and flus without anti-biotics

3. Better sleep and focus at school

We also offer whole-food based supplementation to ensure proper nutrition while they grow.

We are committed to your health and to the health of little ones. Talk to me to learn more.

Yours in good health,

Dr. Koch

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