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The Link between Sleep Deprivation and Diabetes: Chiropractic Can Help

If you are like many Americans, poor sleep is a regular occurrence. But did you know that poor sleep is strongly linked to increased risk for Type 2 diabetes? Sleep deprivation is linked to risk for obesity, a primary risk factor for diabetes, and to metabolic syndrome, a condition that often precedes diabetes.

Research conducted at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine indicates that sleep deprivation disrupts glucose metabolism, the process the body uses to regulate blood sugar and turn that sugar into energy. When healthy glucose functioning is disrupted, it can negatively impact insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance, both of which contribute to elevated, unhealthy levels of blood sugar that eventually can lead to diabetes.

Chiropractic can help. Chiropractic can help restore a natural and healthy sleep pattern that will not only help with a good night’s sleep, but also help protect you from diabetes. By aligning the spine, the body’s cellular, nervous and digestive systems can function in a more optimal way, pain levels are reduced and the body can achieve a natural, restful sleep. Sleep is the time where your body can relax, heal and restore and good sleep is key to living a healthy, balanced life.

Want to learn more? Read more about how chiropractic can help you rest here.

Yours in good health,

Dr. Robert Koch

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