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Auto Accidents & Chiro

Have you been in an accident? 
How to choose the best chiropractor for you.

5 Reasons to See a Chiropractor After an Auto Accident, and How to Choose the Best One


While most of you probably, and hopefully, haven’t been in a serious car accident, there’s a good chance you’ve been in a minor one. And a minor accident is all it takes to cause some potentially serious complications.


In fact, did you know that a sudden change of just a few miles per hour is enough to cause whiplash? That means that simply braking hard to avoid an auto accident could be enough to do some physical damage.


People who suffer from whiplash often don’t realize that they have a problem. Common symptoms – headache, dizziness, blurred vision, etc. – can go unnoticed or unfelt for days or weeks. All that time, however, more damage is being done.


Common complaints of just being stiff and sore are normal after a physical trauma. But serious injury could easily be hiding, or nearing, as a result of that trauma.


Whiplash is just one of many problems that could occur as a result of stopping quickly or getting into a car accident. Others include neck and back trauma, muscle pain and stiffness, soft tissue pain, ligament and disc damage, among others.


You may be tempted to visit your family doctor after such an event. But that would be like going to your florist to pick up a few steaks. The truth is, that’s not their area of expertise. And a proper and immediate evaluation could spare you a number of problems down the road.


Here are five reasons why you need to see a chiropractor after an auto accident. And then some advice on finding the right chiropractor.


1 – Reduce Inflammation


Any evaluation after an auto accident will begin with an X-ray to first determine if there is any serious injury to your neck or spine. However, X-rays can’t catch everything – like micro tears in ligaments and muscles – so what may appear normal, may still cause you pain and future problems.


Chiropractic care is about putting your body into a position to heal itself – an idea that will be echoed frequently in this post. And that care often begins with spinal alignment.


Spinal manipulation has an almost-magical affect, as it helps to release a powerful anti-inflammatory substance that your body naturally produces – a substance designed specifically to deal with these types of injuries. And one that is far more effective than a handful of Advil.


2 – Reduce Scar Tissue


After the trauma of a car accident, your muscles can develop scar tissue. This is a normal response, and produces symptoms of stiffness, soreness, pain, and discomfort.


While your body may naturally begin to break up this scar tissue over time, which will allow you to begin feeling better, a chiropractor can help speed this process up. Through a number of methods, including manipulation and massage, a chiropractor can help break up this scar tissue, so you can feel better faster, and your body can heal itself quicker.


3 – Restore Range of Motion


If you’re experiencing a limited range of motion following an auto accident, it’s likely a result of the increased inflammation, which can greatly slow the healing process.


The areas of trauma require blood and nutrients to properly heal, and movement is vital for the circulation of the blood and nutrients. So while you may not consider this an area of concern, the truth is that your limited range of motion will mean slower healing, and experiencing pain for a longer period of time.


4 – Non-Invasive Treatment


Serious injury may require surgery. However, as any surgery carries serious risk, and potential long-term implications, it should always be a last option. The important thing to remember is that it’s never the only option.


Remember how chiropractic care is about putting your body into a position to heal itself? When that happens you eliminate the need for surgery. Natural healing with less risk – that’s a pretty good win-win.


5 – Non-Drug Pain Relief


The various forms of physical manipulation that your chiropractor can perform will aid your body in releasing its own pain-reducing hormones. Your body already has everything it needs to begin the healing process, which will also allow you to begin feeling better.


Above all else, these methods are not only effective, they’re safe. Whereas opiod-based pain medications come with a dangerous number of risks.


First of all, opiods are highly addictive, and death by opiods is climbing the list of greatest causes of death in this country. But there is an even greater problem that occurs when you medicate away your pain, rather than addressing the root causes of it.


Think of your body’s symptoms like you do your smoke detector. A pain here, a problem there – these are your alarm system’s announcement of a problem. This is a good thing. Ignoring these alarms, or medicating them away, would be like taking the batteries out of your alarm, and then deciding that will solve the potential threat of fire.


You don’t want to mute your symptoms. You want to address them. And that’s one specialty of chiropractic care.


How to Choose the Right Chiropractor


There exists a common misconception that chiropractors are back-crackers who only deal with neck and back pain. This couldn’t be further from the truth. However, there is a reason for this misconception, and one that some chiropractors themselves have perpetuated.


Here are a few things to look for in a chiropractor – one who:


  • Understands the mind/body connection

  • Promotes whole-body healing

  • Uses an integrative approach

  • Helps restore your body’s natural flow of energy

  • Offers advice on nourishing your body

  • Provides emotional support or life coaching


Remember, a good chiropractor will put your body into a position to heal itself. But the other concept to remember is that when it comes to your body, it’s all connected. You may not have bought-in yet to the idea of a mind/body connection. But modern medicine has – they call it the placebo effect – and they are very worried that you’ll begin to understand what that really means.


A chiropractor’s toolbox is filled with an assortment of tools designed to help your body heal itself. And chiropractic care is about much more than neck and back pain. And now that you understand this, you’ll be better able to find a chiropractor who also understands – one who can help you feel your best, and in the best possible way.

The Essential Mind and Body Promise

Our patients come to us for a variety of health concerns, and we are well-known for our particular expertise with pain, sleep/energy issues, women’s health/reproductive issues, and general wellness without pharmaceuticals or invasive procedures.  Our patients stay with us because they get personalized attention that gets results.  Here is what you can expect when you come to Essential Mind and Body:


Each course of treatment is personalized to your individual needs, and many of our patients feel better in just a handful of sessions – depending on the ailment.  We promise that we will be upfront with our recommendations for treatment, only treat what we feel is reasonably necessary, and provide complete transparency when it comes to your commitment of time and money.


Leave the chiropractic conveyor belt behind and experience a whole new way of chiropractic health.  Call today for your appointment or contact us and we will get right back to you.  Serving Orlando, Delaney Park, SoDo, Conway and the surrounding areas with chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, nutrition, supplements, life coaching and corporate wellness.

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