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Back to basics: 5 steps to good health

In honor of the 4th of July, I’ve put together these 5 steps to get back to basics and liberate yourself from the effects of poor health.

1) Stay hydrated: Increasing water intake helps prevent muscle cramping and promotes weight loss.

2) Begin a regimen of Probiotics because better health begins in the gut.

3) Eat the foods that are best for you with a personalized nutrition plan – eat the foods that work for your body!

4) Take a walk: Just a 20 minute walk will reduce stress and get you feeling energized.

5) Get a good night’s rest: Heal the body and prepare for great day ahead.

Sometimes this is easier said than done. If you need some help getting back to basics and feeling better, let’s set aside some time at your next appointment to talk. Wishing you and your family a safe, happy and healthy 4th of July!

Yours in good health,

Dr. Robert Koch

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